Cp Sourcing continues to sponsor a local cycling team

Although the calendar for the local cycling team, Team coloQuick-CULT, is not yet announcing the upcoming races in 2017, it does not mean that the expectations for the team’s performances in the coming season has diminished.

The team had an excellent year in 2016 and a small group of riders even took the journey all the way to China to participate in the demanding race Tour of China, which is China’s version of the Tour de France.

The owner of Cp Sourcing, Per Veile, even had the opportunity to personally follow the riders on the last two stages in Tour of China and it was an incredible experience.

Exposure of Cp Sourcing to over 1 billion people in 2016

With Cp Sourcing’s logo on the riders’ jersey in Tour of China, Cp Sourcing had the opportunity to receive a priceless exposure. The massive coverage of the tour, meant that over people followed the race!

We have chosen to sponsor the local cycling team again this year and we also have very high expectations for exposure in the coming season.

As a new change in 2017, Cp Sourcing’s logo has a different, more visible location on the riders’ t-shirt. This means a better exposure, which we are pleased with.

We look forward to follow Team coloQuick-CULT again in 2017.

Below are screenshots from a TV spot that a local TV-station made from Team coloQuick-CULT’s training camp. The attentive viewer will see Cp Sourcing’s logo on the right side of the riders’ jerseys.