Why does it still make sense to source production in China?

Cp Sourcing has worked with sourcing and product development in the East since 2004. Over the years, we have regularly been asked, if it still really makes sense economically to move production all the way to China and deliver the goods all the way back home.

Since 2004 much has happened, but we experience a large and still growing interest in sourcing in China. Just within the last 2 years we have had an increase in revenue from of our sourcing tasks.

Some of the explanations for the continued profitable Chinese sourcing market is that the technological development in China is in rapid growth and incredibly large sums are invested in research, innovation and development. We have experienced that producers in China are implementing automated processes and they are exploiting and benefiting from the latest, revolutionary technologies.

Another explanation is that when it comes to production that involves many manual hours, where a production employee is required to handle and process the product, then it is especially worthwhile outsourcing the production to China.

The production environment in China remains profitable for most sourcing projects

We have the right experience and can assess your specific project and guide you to the most optimal and profitable solution. Regardless if the producer is Danish or Chinese.

We examine both the Danish and the Chinese market thoroughly, when we get a new job in, depending on your needs and requirements.

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