• Complete products

    If you design the product yourself or if you wish to let us handle it all are up to you. All you need is the idea, then we can handle the rest.
  • Electronic parts

    We can deliver practically anything in electronics. From single or dublesided printboards, cables, plugs and components to finished products.
  • Machine parts

    We can fix all the hardware you can imagine. Mainly we produce moulds for plastic and rubber.
  • Moulding tools

    We manufacture injection-moulding tools for both local manufacturing in China and export to Denmark.
  • Lathe parts

    We have supplied parts for everything from plugs to waterhandling and compressed air fittings and machine screws in custom designs for customer applications.
  • Galvanized parts

    Galvanizing of assembled parts is an effective and affordable way to protect against rust.
  • Punched parts / deep drag

    Punching of iron, aluminum and other metal plates is an effective and affordable alternative to laser cutting.
  • Milled parts

    Milling of aluminum not only provide a more accurate result, but also far more opportunities in the form of threading and details that can't be achieved by casting.
  • Etched parts

    Some details a allmost impossible to punch or process. Thats why we offer etched parts. Even the smallest details are possible with this method.