You name it – We make it

When Per Veile and his staff arrive at the office, whether it is in Denmark or in China, it is always exciting to experience the variety of tasks the day will bring. One’s imagination can rarely live up to imagining which tasks will be added to the company’s already extensive portfolio of products and services.

Per Veile explains:

‘When you are engaged in sourcing, product development and 3D printing like us, there is basically no limits to which queries we receive from our regular and new customers.

When I embark on the job of the day, I can still be surprised how varied and different tasks we actually solve.

One day it might be 3D print of a mold for burial urns. The next day it might be sourcing of metal frames for designer furniture.

For this reason it is always exciting to go to work, every day brings new tasks. Only our customers’ imagination is the limit for what we are dealing with. That is why our slogan is:

You name it – We make it.’

Cp Sourcing has many years of experience and expertise in solving any task as a subcontractor. The focus is not on any specific industry, yet to some extend on products in plastic, metal, glass and electronics.

But Cp Sourcing resolves to all types of tasks and can offer a total solution at a competitive price, whether for example it is a custom-made burial urn in 3D printing, production of components for designer furniture or other tasks in the sourcing and product development business.

Would you like to hear more about the opportunities to outsource and about what Cp Sourcing can offer, you can click the button below to contact the owner Per Veile.

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