We are still a co-sponsor

Cp Sourcing is a co-sponsor of the local Skive-based cycling team, ColoQuick.

In this newsletter, we have chosen to write a longer article about the team and their ambitions for 2023.

We look forward to follow the team – and see our logo out on the roads and on the winners’ podiums in Denmark, Europe and other parts of the world.

The speedy socks

While we are interviewing Sports Director Christian Moberg, he gets a call.

He has to decide on the team’s new socks.

And it is certainly not unimportant.

Just as clothing, helmet, shoes and bike are important for optimal speed, the socks are also an important part, which in the end can be decisive for whether the rider wins or ends up outside the podium places.

Talent factory

The riders at ColoQuick are on the team because they all have a dream of becoming a professional on one of the worlds big teams.

It is a dream that has come true for several of the former riders.

In fact, ColoQuick has already delivered 20 talents who have since unfolded on the big cycling scene.

Best known is the Tour de France winner Jonas Vingegaard, who drove for the Skive-based team before joining Jumbo-Visma.

World-class equipment

The talented riders do not get much other than the prize money from the races they win or get top positions in.

On the other hand, they can be sure that when the start is set in motion for a bicycle race, the equipment is fully on par with that of the competitors.

“We are constantly optimizing on all equipment, so we are confident that we provide the riders with the best possible technical conditions based on the financial framework we have,” the Sports Director explains.

Bike for a minimum of DKK 80,000

It takes a lot of money to fulfill the cycling team’s high expectations for the equipment.

For example, a bicycle costs 80,000 to 85,000. And the 14 riders must have two each. In addition, there is a single-start bike for around 100,000.

But not only that, there must also be spare parts for the bikes. And both bikes and spare parts have a very short life span, as even the slightest bit of wear and tear in the wrong place can have a decisive impact on the chances of winning.

However, the bike alone does not win the race

Although it has been ensured that all equipment is tip-top, it is of course ultimately the rider’s own ability that leads to the good results.

That’s why all the riders train hard – even though they all either have a job or studies that have to be taken care of alongside their cycling dream.

Christian Moberg explains that on average the riders train 25 to 35 hours per week, which means that they have do this training next to the work or study they have.

Most of the training is carried out by the riders on their own, while everyone meets for joint training approx. monthly.

Ambitions for 2023

For the coming season, there have been 8 new riders among the 14.

That is why it is extra important to shake up the team well before the racing season really begins on 4 March.

For the Sports Director, the ambition is to win in at least 25 of the approx. 50 races that the team will run in 2023.

The race schedule is currently set for the month of May, while the season will run right up until the beginning of October.

For the foreign races, the team must apply for participation, while as a Danish team, they typically only have to register for Danish races.

In addition to the 14 riders, the team has, among other things, 6 Sports Directors, 2 Soigneurs and 6 Mechanics attached.

All of them perform their role at ColeQuick alongside their work or studies.

And everyone is ready to perform for the team and the sponsors in 2023.