Congratulations to Sandy

In fact, it has been almost 16 years since Sandy Yu started with us at Cp Sourcing.

But Corona has prevented us from celebrating her properly.

Therefore, we are happy to say, that we have now finally succeeded in marking her first 15 years with us.

Tried most of it

During her career with us, Sandy has tried most functions.

Her main tasks have been, and continue to be, to calculate offers and follow up at many of the factories we collaborate with.

With 15 years of experience, she is also the most experienced person in our office in China.

Get-together for family and colleagues

During Per Veile’s latest trip to China, we had the opportunity to invite Sandy’s family and the colleagues at Cp Sourcing to a small get-together.

In one of the photos from the day, Sandy’s first 15 years are being toasted.

We look forward to marking her 20th anniversary.

Here you can see, what Sandy and Cp Sourcing have delivered