Return to normal conditions in China

After a long period of both high prices and very strict Corona regulations, China is returning to the situation before the pandemic.

We therefore expect that images like the one we show in this article are now a thing of the past.

The photo was taken during our most recent trip to China, where we still had to be in isolation upon entry.

Finally, freight prices came down

Normal conditions have also arrived when it comes to freight from China.

We can now again offer shipping at prices that are on par with the prices before Corona.

At the same time, there are no longer major delays in shipping.

Non-binding offer

Remember that you can always contact us for a non-binding offer.

Maybe you have a good idea, and need the help to bring it to life?

Maybe you already have a prototype? But are searcing for a place where you can have your product produced in the right quality and in the right quantity?

Regardless of how far you have come in your project, we can help you with sourcing from China.

You are always welcome to contact Per Veile for a non-binding discussion about your options.

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