Letsplay ApS is pleased to work with Cp Sourcing

Teacher, owner, creative product developer and financial manager at Letsplay ApS Mathias Jensen explains::

“About half a year ago, we got in contact with Cp Sourcing, when we were looking for a new business partner. After a few mistaken Chinese adventures where we had tried to establish a production in China, we had to throw the towel in the ring. We were not properly prepared for how difficult it is.

We did try the best we could with the help of a contact in the clothing industry. But, as a start-up company, we could only afford a single trip to China and otherwise tried to sit in Denmark and manage the process. But unfortunately we had to experience the hard way that it was not a good idea to sit in Denmark and communicate with the Chinese.”

Who and what is Letsplay ApS?

Mathias Jensen runs the company Letsplay ApS with co-owner Søren Maribo, a teacher & process consultant, a sports graduate at the Institute of Sports in Copenhagen, owner of Letsplay, creative product developer and communications manager.

Already at the teacher training college they worked with the creation of games for play and learning for educational use during their sports exams. After graduation they traveled on a planned trip for 6 months to South and Central America.

Along the way, they developed a number of games as they tested on other backpackers who they met at hotels and cafes. The trip made them believe that they could develop games, but at the same time also an experience in coping with difficult situations together. A unique way to start a business.

When they got home, they had a finished concept for a new game, which they were ready to produce and sell.

The game is called Bumball and it is a fun and active ball game for both children and adults. As a player, you have Velcro on your chest and bum and you must try to grab the soft ball without the use of your hands. It’s about having fun, moving and managing in a new and unfamiliar context.

What went wrong with Letsplay’s own attempt at production in China?

The short answer is: Misunderstandings and communication problems (- and lack of time and money)

The slightly longer story is about, how the couple initially did succeed in putting the production into operation, but also on deliveries with defects. Once, the manufacturer’s Velcro supplier could not deliver, because the factory was burned down. Without asking or notifying Letsplay, the manufacturer used a different and slightly more powerful variant of Velcro, which had major consequences for the game. The ball got so stuck on this type of Velcro that it was difficult to get it off, when it was grabbed. So the shipment had to be scrapped. But especially the equipment for the new game series “MosaIQ” has been a long process of many defeats, until Letsplay encountered Cp Sourcing.

How does the collaboration with Cp Sourcing work?

“From our first meeting with Per Veile, we have been confident that Cp Sourcing has been in control of the entire process. We are well aware that we are a small company that puts a relatively small order. But it has not meant that we are not taken seriously”, Mathias Jensen begins.

He continues: “Throughout the process, there has been a good contact and follow-up from Cp Sourcing. They always respond quickly and there is short waiting time, as they are continuously present in China and have their own office with permanent staff in China.

Right now we are finishing our newest game, which will be launched this autumn in both Danish and English: Dyrepasser Løbet & Zookeeper Race.

Cp Sourcing has delivered good input for production optimization and development of our concept right from the start. As an example, we have modified some material choices in order to get a cheaper and more durable solution.”

Pingpong between regions in Eastern and Western Denmark and all the way to China and back

Cp Sourcing has offices in Durup in the Danish region of Central Jutland and in China. Letsplay has addresses in Egaa in the Western part of Denmark and in Copenhagen in the Eastern part of Denmark. But that means nothing for the cooperation.


Mathias Jensen says in a finishing comment: “What matters most to us in the collaboration, is that Cp Sourcing can deliver all the elements to our new game. Everything from the game’s printed, textile storage bags, game pieces and finished packaging.”