TEASER: New flyer in the making….

We are working on a number of flyers, which are segmented according to our many categories of competencies.

Therefore, we plan to make more editions within our large catalog of production and development know how, which are tailored to the topics and abilities that our customers demand.

One size does not fit all!

For a company like ours, it would be an almost impossible task to make one brochure or folder that is targeted to our many, different customer types.

We have produced everything from lamps, fittings, furniture, bags, various electronics and much more – all for a variety of customers in widely different industries.

Our collaborators operate with products within several industries like housing and design, industry and construction, technical articles and machine parts. In addition, we are working with a number of customers already from the development phase

With the new flyers, we will be able to give new and existing customers a little insight into the wide diversity of our production and product portfolio.