‘YOU NAME IT, WE MAKE IT – a collaboration with: Mil-tek Waste Balers & Compactors

For more than 7 years, Cp Sourcing has worked with the company Mil-tek Danmark A/S.

Who is Mil-tek and what do they do?

Mil-tek is the leading supplier of balers and compactors and we specialize in recycling solutions designed to minimize waste for companies of all shapes and sizes. Source: www.miltek.co.uk

Originally, Cp Sourcing should make an offer for a 3D print job

For a number of years, Cp Sourcing has been responsible for delivering smaller parts and components, as well as some larger aluminum barrels from Chinese producers to Mil-tek in Denmark. That’s why Paw Gräs, Product Engineer at Mil-tek, knew about Cp Sourcing already.

Paw Gräs knew that Cp Sourcing also offers 3D printing on their own machines. When he had a specific development job, where he needed to produce a prototype, it was an obvious solution to contact Cp Sourcing.

In their largest 3D printer, which can print items in sizes up to 600 x 600 x 800 mm, he saw an opportunity to get a product in hand quickly for exhibition and testing of principles.

But the specific shape proved to be complex to print and the price was eventually higher than expected. Paw Gräs received an offer from another company, but with the same result.

Professional assistance in realizing an idea

Over the years, Cp Sourcing has specialized in and gained extensive experience in helping companies through the development phase of their products. This is done in close cooperation with the customers, who are often in widely different stages of the development phase

During the development process, Cp Sourcing can contribute and provide competent advice from all phases: Right from the hand drawn sketch on the back of an envelope to the ready-made technical drawings that can be sent directly to production.

‘They contribute with their knowledge and we benefit greatly from the advices’

Paw Gräs talks about the latest collaboration:

‘For this specific development project, we had to look at other solutions for our prototype than 3D print. Instead Cp Sourcing offered a different solution. They made us an offer to get the prototype produced in China in a processed plastic material.

I was a little apprehensive about the delivery time, because we were under a tight schedule. But from the time we accepted their offer, until the finished item was delivered to us only 14 days passed.

The picture shows Paw Gräs, Product Engineer at Mil-tek Danmark A/S

‘I was very pleased and positively surprised by the fast delivery.

Since then Cp Sourcing has submitted suggestions for changes that can improve the final product or optimize the production process. We must definitely say that we are very pleased with the knowledge they contribute to the development, which we can ultimately benefit greatly from.’