This is the owners of Jibao

We strengthen our market position

Cp Sourcing got the opportunity to enter a strategic cooperation with the Chinese sourcing company Jibao.

This partnership has several advantages.

A perfect match

‘Although both our companies are sourcing from China, and therefore are in some form of competition, we have separate strengths, which means that we become stronger, when we work together’, says Per Veile, the owner of Cp Sourcing.

He explains that Jibao mostly produces standard items in large number, while Cp Sourcing always produces items developed for each customer and often in much smaller amounts.

‘Jibao wants to do more specialized products, while we seek to increase the number of items sold. Furthermore, our competences are a perfect match: Jibao are experts in electronics while we are experts in mechanics. This combination makes our joint R&D work very strong’, Per Veile continues.

He concludes that Jibao and Cp Sourcing already have been working successfully together in developing products.