Office in China

China has more or less defeated the Corona-virus

China was the first country to deal with the Corona-virus.

Several weeks of dramatic measures has helped China through the Crisis.

The activities at Cp Sourcing in China are also largely back to normal.

However, the Virus has changed the way we approach other people

Do you have new projects coming up? Send Per an E-mail

Ideas for new products, new production coming up or other activities involving sourcing in China?

Per is ready to help you, and offers you a nonbinding talk.

We are still available for meetings – without talking any risks of spreading the Virus

Very early at the pandemic we began to follow the guidelines regarding distancing, hand wash and so forth.

We also prefer to do meetings online or by phone – at least as long at the situation is this serious in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Our equipment for online meeting are close to perfect – it is almost as if we are sitting next to each other. As an example, we have an open online connection to our office in China. This keeps our two offices in close contact, and enables us to follow activities closely even when we are at our Danish office.

On this picture though, Per was in China long before the Corona-Virus. As you can see, more of us are standing and sitting to close according to the new standards for distancing.

Office in China