Own production in China – with focus on work environment

In Cp Sourcing’s department in China, there are already 4 employees at the office. These 4 have now been joined by another 4 employees at the company’s own production.

The company has grown from being 4 to being 8 employees in the department in China.

The reason is simply that Cp Sourcing itself often needs to carry out certain production tasks. Typically, it is tasks related to assembly of items or other tasks that primarily require manpower – and thus not a large range of machines.

The company expects that there may be a need for additional staff in the foreseeable future.

For the company’s employees in both Denmark and China, focus is on the working environment.

Very specifically Cp Sourcing has just recently been adjusting tables as well as chairs, so they are adapted to the new production staff in China. Furthermore, there is invested in improved lighting conditions – also in the production area.