Decline of 30%

We’ve written about it a few times before.

Corona, the high freight prices and inflation have meant that we too have experienced a decline compared to 2019.

But fortunately, most things are returning to normal again.

Online marketing gave increased visibility

In order to get some of the lost revenue back, we have used extra resources on our online marketing in 2022. 

We expect that the effort will throw up a few exciting tasks. 

However, it is still too early to say, as most projects are usually at least a few months in the making – and some even a year or more.

OK year despite the challenges

Our size means that we have been able to adapt to the decline in turnover. 

Therefore, 2022 also ended up being an OK year for us.

We expect the same from 2023, where so far we have had a start to the year that is somewhat better than we had feared. 

Hungry producers

We also feel that the producers in Asia are quite hungry to get started on new projects. This makes it easier to provide attractive offers to our customers.

At the same time, China is now completely open again after Corona. The last remaining restrictions were removed in April.

All in all, we therefore look forward to 2024 with confidence and expect that we will begin to approach the 2019 level again. 

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