Collaboration with a 3D measurer

CP Sourcing has entered into an informal collaboration with the company
Kvejborg, which conducts 3D measurements of many different kinds.

They share our passion for 3D technology.

Scanning the world’s longest aircraft

One of the tasks that Kvejborg has solved is scanning a Boeing 747-8 from

This scan was to be used in Lufthansa’s marketing and training

It’s all about time and money

Both Kvejborg and we use 3D technology to save time and money at the

For example, today, product development costs only a fraction of what it
did just 10 years ago.

At the same time, new products can be developed much faster today, as
prototypes can be printed and tested immediately after they are designed.

Opportunities for collaboration

At Cp Sourcing we can also do 3D scan for our customers, and we can do 3D
printing in sizes up to smaller furniture such as chairs.

When we are going to deal with larger items such as the world’s
longest aircraft. Then, we are pleased that we know a company like

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