China can deliver

As we mentioned in our latest newsletter, shipping prices from China,
among other things, have dropped off completely.

But if you can afford the freight, China is once again able to deliver
almost anything.

Upfront payment

The rising prices have made it more normal in the industry that the
product can only be delivered once it is paid.

At the same time, we are beginning to see a little more space on the
ships. But without having any effect on shipping prices.

Skimmed the cream

It may not be so nice to say that shipping companies have taken advantage
of the capacity shortfall to raise prices.

That is why, instead, we merely note that these companies have understood
how to skim the cream and generate very large profits.

Of course, it’s a bit frustrating to look at when all you can do is accept
and let the bill pass on to the customer.

On the way to better times?

At Cp Sourcing, we don’t have to complain. We have ongoing tasks for a number of regular and new customers.

At the same time, we hope that the industry is on the way to more ‘normal’ conditions with space on the ships and reasonable freight rates.

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