This picture shows him next to Cp Sourcings biggest 3D-printer.

A record year

January 2020 we had a record high turnover. At the same time, we got to finish a lot of project before the Chinse New-year, what usually close down China for several weeks.

It turned out to be a very good idea to be a head of things this year: COVID-19 began in China and everything completely shut down as early as February.

At the same time China worked to get hold on the virus, it spread rapidly across the World, and all the sudden most of Europe closed down as well.

This resulted in a low activity period of several months instead of weeks.

In this period, we had an 82% declined in turnover, which is a record-breaking decline.

Still a solid economy

Luckily, we made an adjustment of our cost before anybody has talking about COVID-19. This makes us a lot more adaptable to fluctuation in turnover.

At the same time we got access to the aid packages from the Danish Government. Furthermore, we already had a robust liquidity, which also contributed to our positive handling of the crises.

China has adjusted as well

COVID-19 has trimmed the marked and made the remaining companies hungry for work.

As a consequence is it byers marked right now for those who want to get products developed and produced in China.

Place your order in advance

Do you have projects that needs to be ready for early 2021? Then now is the time to started up.

Not only COVID-19 but also the next Chinese New-year can interrupt your planes.

If you would like a nonbinding talk, you are very welcome to send Per an email. You can use the button below.

This picture shows him next to Cp Sourcings biggest 3D-printer.

Racing and masks

We are still the proud co-sponsor of the local cycling team, QoloQuick.

Corona has also made things difficult for them.

In spite of these circumstances, the team has had both victories and other top result.

2 times, double victory

In recent weeks, QoloQuick riders came in first and second in two different races. First time at DEMIN CUP and second time at Fri Bike Shop race.

The DEMIN CUP is three separate one-day races that was held at Tøløse, Tønder and Holbæk. The Fri Bike Shop race took place in Sønderborg.

Sebastian Kolze Changizi and Alexander Salby came in first and second at theDEMIN CUP. William Blume Levy and Frederik Wandahl took the double victory at the Fri Bike Shop race. Alt four riders are shown at the picture below.

Keeps developing talent

Several talented riders from Team QoloQuick are now establish names at some of the biggest teams in the world. In addition, right now two more talents are about to become part of the team, placed in Skive.

19-year-old Mads Andersen from Hedensted will join Junior European Campion Kasper Andersen.

Mads Andersen already has more top results as a rider at A-level.