Forty percent higher than usual

Not much has been ‘usual’ during the pandemic.

Ever since October last year, our turnover has been forty percent higher compared to our turnover before the corona-virus made the World shut down.

3., 4. or 5. wave?

However, we do not want to celebrate to early.

Unfortunately, the virus still courses restrictions many places around the World.

Hopefully, the vaccination programs will prohibit another major global lockdown.

Increasing capacity

In spite of our busy schedule, we are still able to assist you and your projects.

Due to our wide range of business partners, we can do even large scale project on a relatively short notice.

We can assist in parts of you project or we can help you all the way from idea to the ready-for-sale product.

We prefer bigger bulks

Orders for 1000 units or more, suits our sourcing concept perfectly.

However, we also help customers in need of making smaller amounts.

Regardless of the size of you project, you are very welcome to contact us for a non-binding talk.

You can use this button to contact us