Cp Sourcing increases visibility

As stated elsewhere in this newsletter, Cp Sourcing has a healthy business.

The desire for increased visibility is not an indication that the company lacks customers. But, above all, a desire to strengthen cooperation with existing customers and other partners.

For this reason Cp Sourcing has built a quarterly newsletter, which today is published in Danish, English and Chinese and distributed to over 200 partners.

This newsletter is the second version, which is published in all three languages.

Moreover, the company has established a Facebook page where newsletters and other relevant news can be shared.

Additionally, Cp Sourcing already has a profile on the Danish, online platform ‘Building Supply’ and on LinkedIn, where you regularly can find relevant news about the company.

Along with the website, these different platforms composes a solid foundation for increased visibility for Cp Sourcing. And should the increased visibility result in new customers, they are also very welcome.