CP Sourcing at the cutting edge

A period of limitation in physical attendance has taught the whole world that you can easily have good meetings online.

At CP Sourcing, however, we have had an online connection to China for many years.

At the same time, we often use the online meeting as an introductory meeting, where previously it was natural with a physical meeting as the first.

Sound and images for almost 20 years

Already pretty soon after we started up in 2004, we got a direct, online connection to our China office.

In the beginning, we in China had to invest in both the burial of grid cable and quite high monthly subscriptions.

In fact, our demand was so special that we had to commit to high monthly subscription prices for three years.

The subscription alone was DKK 3400 per month. This meant an investment of more than DKK 100,000 in the connection itself.

It’s like sitting next to each other

Ever since we made the decision to connect directly to China, we have seen great value from the close contact.

We can both hear and see each other via screens set up in both offices.

The sound is so good that we don’t have to be close to the screen to talk.

When owner Per Veile sits at his desk or at a meeting in the sofa group right behind, he can talk to his people in China.

Priceless feedback

The fact that you are close to each other means that everyone can quickly get feedback or follow up on ongoing projects.

Per Veile also informs that the connection was already quite stable at the beginning and that today it stands almost as if the people were in a room next door and not several thousand kilometers away.

Whether you want to meet us physically, online or by telephone, we are always ready for a non-binding talk. You can contact us via the button below.

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