Climate footprint measurement on the way

It is with some uncertainty that we in the industry await how we will calculate the CO2 footprint.

But what is certain is that we will all have to deal with it very soon.

There must be a CO2 calculation on everything.

This means that everything we get produced together with you, we must have a C02 statement on.

We know that you basically find the quota based on the HS code the product has. That is, based on the customs codes that are currently in place for imports for each product.

In addition, as mentioned, we do not know much about how it will take place.

At Cp Sourcing, we believe that it ends with the forwarder being able to report to you. But even if the freight forwarder reports, you yourself are responsible for the figures being correct.

If you want to know more about this, we have received a presentation which tells a little more about the CO2 calculation. You can have it sent by email by writing to us.

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